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Пакет русификации для OS/2

Operating systems:
ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp
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(Если вам нужен пакет для ArcaOS 5.01, и других обновлений, пришлите запрос повторно.)
Q-1: Can I start eCS LIP one more time? Apply new version of LIP?
A-1: Yes, you can do this. Check the requirements of LIP.
Q-2: Can I restore english User Interface?
A-2: Yes, you should apply English LIP pack.
Q-3: Do you backup system files before language switch (before apply LIP)?
A-3: No, we don't backup nothing. All files ae overwritten. That's why it's important to apply LIP on new standard system
Q-4: I have installed eComStation several monthes ago and using it every day. Is it safe to change language now?
A-4: The system may be broken. Make a backup. The switch of language is reliable for Newly installed system only.
Q-5: Why Language Switcher is important?
A-5: Some arguments: Why?
Q-6: How do you measure progress of LIP translation?
A-6: Here is the table


  • History of development: a) кажется в 2010/05 придумано и сформулировано b) в 2011/06 первые версии
  • LIP FAQ (Internal)
  • Другие названия проекта LIP: eCSOver, eCS Over, LangSwitch, Language Switch, ..




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