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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Participate in the development of OS/2

2015-10-26 02:43:32 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

There are some tasks for standalone developers:

  • we need a library aimed to get info about display, EDID information (C code, english output, start from commandline). Reward: X, Terms: X
  • GUI utility which shows SMART info about health of HDD. Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Create utility aimed to send SMS from OS/2 via smartphone (example: OS/2 sends message to Android-agent via tcp/ip, the agent sends SMS). Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Process video file. No details.
  • Imagine that users download address book from smartphone and get .vcf file, We need GUI utility aimed to browse this file in OS/2, ListBox, or page by page browsing.
    • some requirements

    Reward: X, Terms: X

  • Update Doodle screensaver -> Slideshow module. (implement random selection of pictures, use ecomedia instead of IO Procs, add special effects) Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Start the development of self-diagnostic subsystem for OS/2. Read related article: Workstation Diagnostics: The Doctor is In Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Continue the development of FrImage picture viewer old site of FrImage Reward: X, Terms: X

Local OS/2 Support services

2015-09-26 03:44:16 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

One more mistake of eComStation: there were no Services Centers (in 20 cities of the world), so the engineer could come to the office of customer and configure OS/2. Or provide support to local customers using remote control. The interest of the engineer - to serve local customers in own city or region.

So (with 15 years delay), we can collect the list of the specialists which are interested to support OS/2 companies. Post links to the specialis / companies in the comments to this message.

Other mistakes of eComStation:

OS/2 in sci-tech lab

2015-04-07 02:12:30 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

We are collecting links to reviews and utilities which you are using in labs. Example:

  • (year 2002, russian text) Usage of OS/2 in sci-tech labs
  • eCo Shop, there are utilities for device used to reset supervisor password in Thinkpad laptops (this utilities are auxiliary and are used to analyze EEPROM dumps only) Status: closed project
  • There is support for USB web-cameras, so the engineers can use USB microscopes for different purposes.


  • What special programming languages (compilers) do we have?
  • What utilities did you created in the past (utilities, control applications)? is it published?
  • What public apps do you use in your testing laboratory / repair service / factory

All information will be collected and published are review or as sub-page.

[send a duplicate of your comments via support, because the site may refuse to accept the comment]

REXX - area of usage

2014-11-10 03:28:50 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

It's necessary demonstrate REXX at Chaos Constructions festival in 2015. Imagine.. hundreds of people are sitting in large hall and relaxing. We have some minutes to demonstrate them OS/2 and REXX.

Let's collect some materials:

  • How do you use REXX today? 1) .. 2) .. 15) ..

    Large applications exist: a) IRC-chat client, b) Mail server (?), c) ..

  • (LESSON N) How to parse data text files? html, csv, .. Use constructions of IF, SUBSTR, .. or other methods exist?
  • 20 arguments why (when) REXX is better for use?
  • (LESSON N) What operations to perform with WPS objects from REXX? Move the objects? or do you have better examples?
  • (LESSON N) What are communication features of REXX? Pipes, sockets, ..

Realted links:

How do you use OS/2 today?

2014-10-09 14:01:26 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

To correct plans and goals, let's discuss how do people use OS/2 today?

  Usage today Add small feature / extend existing application I need new significant function
Example 0: Internet surfing => we need support of clouds we need video editor
User 1: General OS, all purposes I need password verification after system boot (simple system, not full-featured) How to send emails by list? (what application to use)

You can post your wishes, we are going show this table to the developers of OS and standalone developers.

Regina REXX Intepreter 3.8.2

2014-09-29 01:22:06 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2world.com, Martin Iturbide]

Regina REXX 3.8.2 is available for the OS/2 and eComStation platform. (2014/06/29).

"Regina is a Rexx interpreter that has been ported to most Unix platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.) and also to OS/2, eCS, DOS, Windows/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Amiga, AROS, QNX4.x, QNX6.x, BeOS, MacOS X, EPOC32, AtheOS, OpenVMS, SkyOS and OpenEdition. Rexx is a programming language that was designed to be easy to use for inexperienced programmers yet powerful enough for experienced users. It is also a language ideally suited as a macro language for other applications."


Project URL: regina-rexx.sourceforge.net

eCo Software is searching for inverstors

2014-09-20 17:40:38 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

Current situation on OS/2 market: there is no target, so the developers stay in halted state.


eCo Software is interested to work on native applications which form the base of the operating system.

We are going release the updates as part of Essentials / NeoWPS subscriptions.

eCo Software is interested work on:

Accounting Set of applications aimed to generate accounting documentation. For small shop, for small internet shop, for individual businessmen.
Disk utilities Collection of useful tools.

No plans to compete with DFSee or MiniLVM.

Migration Migration assistant. The utility scans the bootable drive and collects information so later you can quickly fill your new OS/2 installation with apps and adjust settings.
More.. More offerings: page for investor

Chaos Constructions 2014 for OS/2 users

2014-09-01 13:42:46 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

We have visited Chaos Constructions 2014 (2014.chaosconstructions.ru). Chaos Constructions - demoscene compos, exhibition of computers and other devices, chiptune, DJs and other music, seminars, workshops and much more!



It's clear that OS/2 users should join this festival and make 2 or more presentations, show vintage OS/2 computers, infect (share knowledge) about REXX, WPS among several hundreds of computer geeks.

Conclusion: two new orders for standalone developers: Let's develop:

  • interactive presentation of OS/2 (what is it, features), to equip OS/2 computers running on conferences/festivals.
  • interactive REXX tutorial with "try it now" window. So any child / girl / person can learn basic REXX in 10 minutes.

OpenSource OS/2 / eComStation - fake target

2014-08-27 13:25:38 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

What topic is more important? "Let's open source OS/2" or

  • What Solutions to develop, what are the areas of eComStation usage?
  • What unique functions to implement in eCS? in user interface, in functionality?
  • What libraries and development tools do we have in eCS?
  • What applications to develop to attract more users and extend the market?
  • How to overcome the "barriers"?

Article: OpenSource OS/2 / eComStation - fake target

eCo Software: building OS/2 after 2014

2014-08-27 04:25:07 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Software is searching for investors / sponsors to implement more projects:

  • Utility aimed to exchange files between different OSes (no need to setup Samba, IBM Peers, ..) Experience: we have created Traffic Visor, GNU internet utilities, PMDownloader, ..
  • Continue the development of eSchemes (skin mechanism for OS/2).
  • Update several LIP packs (Language interface pack is aimed to switch dialogs to national languages). Experience: We have created Russian LIP pack, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, so you can switch eCS 2.x to your native language.
  • Extend File Open Container and add Favorites, Aliases (My Documents, My photos), so dummy users can use eComStation for their tasks.
  • Collect additional 20 functions for SysInfo library, so the developers can use ready for use functions and don't spend efforts to reinventing the wheel.

Other offerings: http://ecomstation.ru/investor

Contact us via web-form

eCo Labs - list of apps to update and create

2014-08-15 13:55:13 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Software goes create several components:

You can support eCo Software and invest / sponsor our efforts. We are interested work on this projects:

  • Update Power object, Show detailed information about battery. Our experience: We have replaced old IBM Power object already.
  • Update several setup utilities
  • Implement modern WPS Copy / Move dialog
  • Login screen (the 1-st screen after OS boot. It is important for users + other people will determine eCS by this screen)
  • Bootable USB Flash disk generator (to legalize bootable OS/2 USB Flash disk)
  • More projects: http://ecomstation.ru/commentnews.php?id=2378

Investing into OS/2 development

2014-06-28 03:25:01 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Software is searching for investors / sponsors:

  • Continue the development of our Panorama VESA driver (flip picture to 180 degrees, update setup dialog, etc).
  • Replace system MsgBox with Modern MsgBox. Implement TouchPM mode. Our experience: eToolkit libraries
  • Initiate the development of Tasklist with PNG icons (Win7-like tasklist). Our experience: Sunny icons.
  • Create pack of disk utilities Our experience: JUne utility, etc
  • Update several setup utilities, unify system system.

Contact us via web-form

eCo Labs tasks - searching sponsors and investors

2014-03-04 03:01:23 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Software gives the opportunity to standalone / new developers, we are maintaining the queue of needed applications.

The list is very important, not all projects will be implemented, not all will be completed. We are searching the application and driver which will give the impulse to eComStation (As we did with eComStation 2.0 generation, when several drivers and applications were planned by eCo Labs and then implemented as commercial projects)

Queue of eCo Labs tasks (russian language).

The users from Europe and US can invest into the development of new native applications.

Modernization of system applications: Sqlite usage

2014-01-20 03:31:41 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

What system applications could use sqlite? (what small system utilities need small local databases?)

"All utilities which store data then search it"

Let's migrate this applications to sqlite:

  • eCo Market - hundreds of apps, many data fields about every applications.
  • System log? or better store as directories and files
  • System registry (os2 ini files)?
  • Scheduler / Alarm clock for users
  • Different audio / video catalogue utilities

Sqlite is available with every eCS 2.2, it is distributed as part of eCo Software runtime, examles and library are included to eCo Software toolkit.

eCo Labs: small tasks for december

2013-11-19 00:58:05 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

Several tasks for novice developers

  • Update review "Thinkpad and OS/2" - [busy]
  • Update review "History of games for OS/2"
  • Edit review "Memory troubles"
  • Write review of modern libraries (Zippy REXX library aimed to manage archives from REXX), etc.
  • Sync with Google account - [busy]
  • Create new utility which uses banners (notifications) - List of ideas
  • Translate Installation guide to russian
  • Update one Doodle screensaver module

eCo Software runtime updated

2013-10-24 01:14:19 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Software runtime is the main engine for native applications. The development of applications goes faster if developers integrate useful functions written and debugged by other developers to own code.

Whatsnew: Base, Win, Net runtimes updated, new libraries included.
Changes in every library: Runtime / toolkit whatsnew

For developers: read examples and documentation in eCo Software toolkit.

eCo Software runtime homepage: ecomstation.ru/runtime

If you have useful libraries, you can share and distribute this modules as part of eCo Software runtime / toolkit (requires additional negotiations).

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