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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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How to update OS/2 program for compatibility with ArcaOS?

2020-01-09 03:12:08 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

If your program was working in OS/2 Warp or eComStation, test that it is compatible with ArcaOS:

  • X-1: directory structure was changed. example: system files are located in \sys now
  • X-2: some aux utilities are absent or are located in other place. (example: pci.exe)
  • X-3: USBCALLS: should work as early (new apps compiled with ArcaOS, may fail in old eComStation. let's test)
  • X-4: if compiling XWP widget, then check X-1, X-2.
  • X-5: ACPI dll, (help us with tests)
  • X-7: the behavior of main drivers was changed 1) video: Panorama, 2) ACPI - test compatibility of your program with this drivers
  • test the installer of your program that it works without mistakes: X-1, X-2

2019-12-24 23:53:45 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

New computers with USB 3.0

2019-12-21 03:44:58 -- Igor Sapegin [os2.guru]

Igor Sapegin reported: if USB controller is attached via PCIe then OS/2 doesn't detect USB. If USB controller is attached via PCI - OS/2 can access it.

So, seems that it's necessary implement support of PCIe bus.

Seems that motherboards with USB 3.1 or Type 6 have USB attached via PCIe and OS/2 doesn't detect USB.

2019-12-21 03:18:18 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

You have 5 monthes till..

2019-01-03 20:54:42 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Warpstock Europe 2019 will occur in May 2019. You have time to write usefull utility / application for this event. We will distribute information about your program at this event.

OS/2 conferences

What OS/2 application could you buy?

2017-01-09 06:10:25 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

New started and it's a good moment to value the demand, What OS/2 application could you buy? 15$? 35$? 50$?

  • maybe you need special photo editor
  • or utility aimed to sync data with smartphone
  • or database for ..
  • or application which is streaming data from internet ..
  • your request?

GlassPM C++ library

2017-01-03 16:32:37 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Do you know C++ ? Do you want develop applications for OS/2 faster?

Glass PM C++ library was updated in the end of 2016.

Homepage: os2.guru/glasspm

Compatibility: IBM OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation, ArcaOS


  • It's easy to start new project (no need to take old programs as base for new)
  • You can mix this library with OS/2 API, window handles are not incapsulated to classes.

How to upgrade?

  • (The library is completed already, interfaces are defined)
  • Include current version of the library to your project
  • Develop your application, extend the functionality.
  • 6 monthes pass..
  • If you want upgrade to new version of the library, include new version try recompile with new version, upgrade your code if needed.

What applications are using the library?

  • DVD Toys
  • PM Backup Suite

and more:

  • Zippy
  • Device Manager / PCI Dock

P.S. You can create test applications (samples) based on this library and share with other developers.

OS/2: Lost chances

2017-01-02 01:02:10 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Since the end of 2014 till 2016 the exchange rate of USD was very high (relating to rouble, graphics)

It was a good chance to move the development of OS/2 to Russia/Ukraine because many developers could agree to work for salaries in "OS/2 dollars" (many people could agree to work for $300 or $500, per month)

But the chance was not used. There were technical tasls, but no investments.

2017-01-01 05:34:17 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Searching for technical reviews

2016-11-19 21:08:25 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

OS2.GURU (eComStation.RU) is a largest storage of reviews related to OS/2 / eComStation.

We are interested collect and publish more reviews and articles about OS/2 technologies.

What topic to discuss?

  • guide for developer
  • research of a system module
  • suggestion what module to integrate to the system

Send draft texts / offers via web-form

eCo Software: join the development

2016-09-02 23:47:04 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

eCo Software is interested investigate such topics during autumn / winter: (we can collaborate if you have the same interest)

Actual topics:

  • Any topics related to userinterface
  • 2016/autumn/winter: the development of Device Manager continues. You can join the project and create plugins for devices which you are need for your tasks
  • 2016/autumn/winter: eCoSoft is interested to get support for USB microscope for OS/2. let's digg the topic if you have the same goals.
  • Update / create widgets for eCenter (sensors)
  • SysInfo, functions to query system info
  • Control of simple cheap 3d printers. We have STLView to check the objects before printing, Somebody should find how to control the printer.
  • Utilities for engineer laboratory, for service man. Calculators, aux utilities
  • Point of sale based on OS/2
  • Generator of accounting documents based on OS/2,

DevCon: XIO library for OS/2

2016-06-12 01:50:57 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

eCo Software toolkit and libraries are updated several times per year.

Pay attention to new feature in XIO library: support of files larger that 2 Gb. XIO - it's a library aimed to download files from Internet, to process files stored at http, ftp servers and and it has interface similar to STDIO: xio_fopen, xio_fread, xio_fclose, etc.

More details

Homepage of Neo OS/2 toolkit and runtime

eCo Labs: OS/2 Hero

2016-06-04 21:35:47 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

It's necessary make something important for OS/2

  • Share source code for new Device Manager, how to detect device X, Serial ports, etc. (let's discuss what do you offer before sending)
  • Write short review how to use OS/2 for usage of 1 task, (Example)
  • Extra utilities for PCM address book (for example, you downloaded address book from smartphone to .vcf file / let's create utility to browse the contacts page by page, etc.)

Send all suggestions to eCo Software

eCo Labs: Tasks for users

2016-04-20 13:13:47 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

How to become active user? Share knowledge with other people:

  • Address book WPS application.. how to use it for real tasks?
  • Write video how to backup 1 Tb of data using PM Backup Suite. (it's necessary check in advance what quality of video can you generate)
  • Write detailed review how to run OS/2 on modern model of Thinkpad laptop.
  • Write short text for new users how to perform 1 task using OS/2 computer (burn DVD disk or Download photos from digital camera). it's necessary verify what topic is free.

There are more ideas for active users.

eCo Labs: Tasks for standalone developers

2016-01-07 20:35:06 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Labs offers develop some small applications:

  • 1) BANNERS: We offer create support of notifications for PM123 audio player. The code will be integrated to PM123. The player starts new track and the banner should popup with the name of artist and track title. (the mechanism of notifications is implemented, it's necessary create the template, select behavior and external view)
  • 2) DISKUTIL: SMART GUI. There is VIO utility aimed to collecy info about hard drive. GUI utility should capture the output, draw the table
  • 3) CODEC: Recompile IO Procs, (JPG, PNG, ..) (the codecs exist already. it's necessary recompile, remove MsgBox with errors)
  • 4) BANNERS: GUI for alarm clock. (window aimed to set date and time) the mechanism of alarm clock is implemented already picture
  • 5) SETUP: GUI to control RAMDISK. Simple operations to create/delete virtual disk

eCo Labs is a company of eCo Software. eCo Labs have collected several hundreds of tasks (customer requirements).

Participate in the development of OS/2

2015-10-26 02:43:32 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

There are some tasks for standalone developers:

  • we need a library aimed to get info about display, EDID information (C code, english output, start from commandline). Reward: X, Terms: X
  • GUI utility which shows SMART info about health of HDD. Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Create utility aimed to send SMS from OS/2 via smartphone (example: OS/2 sends message to Android-agent via tcp/ip, the agent sends SMS). Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Process video file. No details.
  • Imagine that users download address book from smartphone and get .vcf file, We need GUI utility aimed to browse this file in OS/2, ListBox, or page by page browsing.
    • some requirements

    Reward: X, Terms: X

  • Update Doodle screensaver -> Slideshow module. (implement random selection of pictures, use ecomedia instead of IO Procs, add special effects) Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Start the development of self-diagnostic subsystem for OS/2. Read related article: Workstation Diagnostics: The Doctor is In Reward: X, Terms: X
  • Continue the development of FrImage picture viewer old site of FrImage Reward: X, Terms: X

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