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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Panorama VESA driver
Panorama universal VESA videodriver Requirements:
eCo Software runtime (base)
Current stable version of Panorama VESA: 2007/11/20
Download Panorama VESA from eComStation beta-zone.
Please, enter via Mensys.nl site

There are 3 variants:

  • .wpi package, install over SNAP/GRADD
  • .zip package, install over SNAP/GRADD
  • .exe (aka "Heavy"), install over VGA/SNAP/GRADD



Panorama ATI R200 videodriver

Panorama R200 videodriver
(ATI Radeon 7000 .. 9250)



Widescreen activators

ATOMBIOS.SYS -- activate widescreen modes on video adapters with ATOM BIOS
Developer: Robert Lalla

INTLBIOS.SYS -- activate widescreen modes on Intel GMA video adapters
Developer: Robert Lalla


Widescreen activators:

ATOMBIOS.SYS, INTLBIOS.SYS (v.0.8b, 20120408, 43 Kb)

Whatsnew, changes

How to install and setup

  • Add driver to CONFIG.SYS
  • Reboot (the driver adds new modes)
  • System Setup -> Screen, and select the resolution



  NVidia DVI Scale filter
  • NVidia DVI Scale filter - it is aimed to fix the problem: the size of the picture is smaller than the size of screen (20121225, 1 Kb)
    Developer: Glassman






Libraries, runtimes



  • BIOSDUMP - saves video BIOS dump to file
  • PCI.EXE - shows PCI, AGP and CardBus device informations, has huge database of known vendors and devices, can tell what IRQ are supported by which slot.
  • P6K7MTRR.sys - is a simple interface physical device driver (PDD) that can manage Memory Type Range Registers (MTRRs) of Intel P6* / AMD K7** series processors. Programmer can query / modify any MTRR settings via DosDevIOCtl() API, from non-Ring0 privileges. A sample executable, VFBWC.exe, sets MTRR write-combining strategy to video frame buffer aperture. It can often improve graphic performance, especially DIVE.
  • qvidmem -- Query Video memory information



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  • Description - Description of Panorama
  • Links - Read Panorama overviews


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Database of OS/2 compatible hardware


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